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Those boys…They are always doing some bad thing, for which someone has to pay. But if that somebody can’t pay, she has to use her body to pay. The busty MILF Michaela Mancini tries to fix a problem, which is caused by her son and his mate. She can punish her son by sending him to his room, but what should she do with the other guy? She is divorced, and she is so hungry for cocks, so the best way for her is to get her snatch pierced by a big black cock. Just watch that big cock disappearing in Michaela’s mouth, up to the hilt. The woman almost drowned, but when the oral session ended, she got the cock in her pussy, and got her slit fully demolished by the dick. And when the vitamin-juice came out, she wanted the guy to spray it in her mouth.

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Welcome back to the unofficial watching my mom go black blog. In today’s sizzling hot update you will have the chance to see as Honey White does a good deed. Her son has borrowed $6000 dollars from a black gangsters, and they came to collect. When he had no cash to pay, they threatened to torture him until he finds a way to repay his debts. When his hot mommy heard of this, she came up with a solution that will erase the debt as well as provide a good service these black drug dealers will enjoy. Click here to get your password to Watching my Mom go Black!

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Misty Vonage is a gorgeous MILF mom with a huge set of double D knockers. Her son is a 30 year old trouble maker that still lives at home, being an only child he’s always had his mommy by his side ready to save him from countless problem occurrences. This time is no different as she follows her boy when he heads down the back alleys to meet up with his buddy, Tyrone. Tyrone is a black drug dealer, that loves drinking beer and banging hoez. Click here to watch this cougar teach these boys a lesson they will never forget at Watching my Mom Go Black!

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Misty Vonage takes them back home, and tells her son to sit down and watch as she fucks his black friend as a punishment, and learns to stop doing things that can lend him up in jail. After arriving back at home she gets on her knees, and takes her lovely melons out to play and has them titty fucked by his huge black shaft. Watch this cougar as Misty Vonage gets her pussy rammed hard and sucks a huge ebony cock till it cums all over her face at Watching my Mom Go Black!

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