Jordan Blue saves her son’s life

What would a mother do for her son? Watch this video and learn it from Jordan Blue. Her son is a gambler and lost a lots of money. He hadn’t got any money to pay, so the winner wanted  to see his head off his neck. Then comes mommy to save her son. Instead of giving money the thugs, Jordan offered a more pleasure payout method. They tore off Jordan’s pants, and one of the guys tossed his meat rod into the stretched cunt, meanwhile the other black cock invaded her mouth.

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Busty MILF Morgan Ray goes black in front of her own son

Did you see a really harsh mother before? The gorgeous mature Morgan Ray is a really harsh and naughty mother. Her son and his friend brought home a dog without the permission of his mother. For her son the punishment is confinement but there is a big problem how to fine the other guy. She decided that the punishment will be to sex with her. Meanwhile getting naked she played with that big black cock to work it up. To pleasure her body she backs into the black cock and gets her pussy creampied hard.

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